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Siili Solutions Oyj

Siili is deeply involved in strategy, technology, AI, software automation, information management, design and expert leasing. Siili CIO Seppo Takanen has a vision of how to make the best use of cloud services.

– Solutions can be made in several different ways, based on the customer and their needs. We utilize hybrid cloud and multi-vendor environments to bring our expertise to our customers’ IT strategy. How solutions are implemented in the cloud is our core competence, but we needed a technical partner to find out which solutions to use for achieving the best cost-efficiency, technical suitability and scalability for each project at hand, Seppo says.

– Alternatives and justifications are needed to help the customer choose the right environment for their needs. What are the effects of which alternatives – what kind of emphasis to use – is not a simple matter, Seppo continues.

When adapting a service, we are seeking for a flexible operating model and the best solution for the customer’s environment and needs. Nerdynet’s vast experience and expertise is used to achieve these goals.

Budgeting and cost tracking are a different challenge in cloud services compared to traditional environments. The use of cloud services and resources, capacity and costs need to be matched. Cloud environments are very variable and require constant optimization to achieve the best benefit for the total costs – NerdyNet monitors consumption and cloud budget implementation. In addition, the alarm mechanisms built to Siili allow for rapid detection and response to exceptions.

Siili tamed Shadow IT for development

Security is the base of all Siili’s business. It is already thought of during the design stage, and as implementation progresses security optimization plays a key role: Security is produced both technically and through continuous staff training.

– Security is a constant balancing act. Monitoring and anticipation are important, but at the same time we need to ensure that people can work effectively. We need a balance between protection and usability, says Seppo.

Siili has a flat organization that utilizes Lean and Agile methods. Developers can work relatively freely with different environments and tools. The knowledge base of Siili employees is wide, and different tools are used in different customer projects. Siili culture includes the ability to test solutions that are not yet commonly in use, followed by validating and commercializing the best of them.

Unlike traditional IT support whose goal is to reduce Shadow IT, NerdyNet as an IT vendor supports it. Siili is a demanding operating environment, so good dialogue between the developers, rest of Siili’s organization and NerdyNet is essential.

The key to Siili’s culture is that it is not only the results that matters, but also the roads that lead to them. Therefore, the operating environment is challenging in terms of information security. Security needs to be in order regardless of environment and technology.

Working models supporting Siili’s internal operations are validated and further iterated in collaboration with NerdyNet. Development needs are driven by customer needs and demand; Siili will either identify the new technology or environment in demand, or the individual developer has a need or desire to try out a new operating environment. The implementation model is different depending on whether you are piloting or developing a new application for the production environment. NerdyNet is a flexible partner that can adapt quickly.

– The preconditions are always the same, but the focus changes depending on the project. If you have a lot of problems concerning one environment, it is better to choose another option. A smart combination of technology, cost, and scalability must be found – with security in mind. A good and workable solution is usually simple and straightforward. NerdyNet’s comprehensive expertise and extensive networks also add value to our joint customer projects, Seppo sums up.


Siili Solutions Plc is a leading software integrator and digital service partner that provides leading Finnish and global companies with technology-independent IT expert services that cover their entire information systems. Siili has offices in Finland, German, Poland and the USA. Siili Solutions Plc shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Siili has grown rapidly and profitably since its establishment in 2005.

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