Continuous Services
(IT as a Service)

Our IT Outsourcing Services always include systematic development, state-of-the-art know-how, and professional work that bring cost efficiency, scalability, security and keep your systems up to date.

You can outsource certain roles, certain services or a complete IT operation (IT as a Service). Thus, IT services can be outsourced as and when needed. Often outsourcing starts with internal operations.


A Happy End User is an efficient employee

Outsourced IT end user support is a cost-effective way to get service whenever you need it. Work productivity and employee satisfaction increase when your staff can focus on their own tasks.

The multichannel Helpdesk works via email, phone, chat and/or self-service portal – whatever best serves your staff. On the other hand, on-site support is physically present. You always have one single source to help you – our goal is to get things done directly from the first contact. Continuous monitoring allows problems to be addressed in advance for smooth and trouble-free operation.

In addition to the Helpdesk and on-site support, we also offer devices and licenses at competitive prices.


Flexible IT Operations according to your needs

Even a well-built, modern IT system needs updating and development. When you do not have enough time or know-how, our experienced staff can manage and develop your IT systems, either independently or as part of your IT team.

We manage IT infrastructure, ensuring continuity, cost optimization and life cycle management. Systems can be in the cloud or local, or a hybrid. We utilize best practices, following the ITIL model.

Examples of our services:

  • System development
  • Budgeting, monitoring and managing costs
  • Service portal for managing IT resources on systems/servers and maximizing the benefits of DevOps
  • Server management services: optimized cloud
  • Fast deployment of services
  • Service life cycle management
  • System admin service (Backups, Batch management, Device protection)
  • Maintenance and support of network devices
  • Monitoring


IT as a Service

A rapidly changing environment requires scalable, efficient and adaptable IT.

When IT Manager role is outsourced (IT Manager as a Service), our experienced Service Manager runs your in-house operations and their development together with your IT team. Outsourcing benefits include systematic development, cost-effectiveness and achievable savings, up-to-date systems and professional operation.

When all IT operations are outsourced (IT as a Service), your organization’s CIO or IT manager will work with our Service Manager and team of experts. As result state-of-the-art, smoothly running IT.

Working cloud is in constant development

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