Esa is one of the Hedgehogs

Siili Solutions Oyj

At Siili HQ in Helsinki over 100 Hedgehogs work at the forefront of digitalization. NerdyNet’s Esa Rosqvist works as IT support at Siili’s office on Tuesdays. Onsite support is seamlessly available on other days as well. The symbolic door is always open.

– It’s always easy to come to Esa for help. Esa has often saved my day, for example when I was working at home and at the same time my mailbox migration to O365 was about to start. Esa called me before I even noticed! The matter was dealt with immediately and in the same call he also took care of my VPN problem. With Esa to support us – especially on bigger issues – we can concentrate on our own work, says Siili HR Specialist Iina Rantala.

Onsite support is an important factor in streamlining work and saving time. If people are afraid to contact IT support or finding it difficult to reach, people will easily turn to their colleagues. This way, three or four people are trying to find a solution to something that is neither within their core competency nor something that wouldn’t be handled by competent IT support in an instant.

– Initially we had one person in IT, then with the Avaus Consulting merger, we got another. At that time, I was involved in recruiting, ordering computers for people, and create tickets. As the organization grew faster than IT could react, the merger of the two organizations created bottlenecks and raised system issues. When we got NerdyNet to participate in planning, we got someone whom to tap on the shoulder to get things done quickly. No more need to create a ticket, just ask face to face “Can you help me with this problem?” Siili Account Manager Petteri Eronen says.

– IT needs to be friendly and approachable, it’s all about service. With Esa and NerdyNet this has worked better than in many companies that have outsourced their onsite support. Esa can put himself in the employee’s shoes and won’t ask “Have you’ve tried to restart?”. IT support must have discretion and not look down on a person, who might be embarrassed about not knowing what to do. Fortunately, with Esa, there is never such a feeling, Petteri continues.

– Esa is like one of us, at the office we do not consider him as an outsourced service. NerdyNet is so well integrated with us, Iina says.

– This is well illustrated by the fact that we do not have Tuesdays, we have Esadays, Petteri laughs.

Good partnership brings value to Siili’s customers as well

Petteri Eronen also uses expertise of Jarno Laihi, Esa Rosqvist and the rest of NerdyNet team to solve Siili’s own clients’ issues.

– We go through various interface issues with our customers. We work with NerdyNet to find answers to those questions, we work seamlessly and support each other. We have learned that NerdyNet should also be utilized in client projects, not just for in-house IT, Petteri says.

The relationship between Siili and NerdyNet can be described as a good, mutual relationship that is of real benefit to both parties.


Siili Solutions Plc is a leading software integrator and digital service partner that provides leading Finnish and global companies with technology-independent IT expert services that cover their entire information systems. Siili has offices in Finland, German, Poland and the USA. Siili Solutions Plc shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Siili has grown rapidly and profitably since its establishment in 2005.

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