IT Consulting and Development

Functioning, modern IT lives and develops with the organisation, it will never be completed.

Our IT Consulting and Development Services always include current analysis, mapping of future needs and a designing a proposal of the most appropriate solutions. Our aim is to make the result scalable and adaptable to future business changes. The longer lifecycle of solutions ensures the return on your investment for the years to come.


Modern IT infrastructure to keep your motor running

Our strength lies in finding and implementing the right solutions for demanding multi-vendor environments. We will help you find answers and solutions e.g. the following important questions:

  • Does your IT infrastructure meet your current and future needs?
  • Have you made the right choices (cloud vendors, cloud services, benefits) for your cloud services? Are the cloud services effectively built and optimized?
  • Does your infrastructure provide a sustainable, scalable, cost-effective and secure foundation for your business?
  • Is the management of environment and cost in order?
  • Does your infrastructure support work productivity and employee satisfaction?


Securing business critical systems

The role of IT is emphasized in today’s 24/7 world. Business can be badly hindered – not to mention risks and damages for reputation if critical business systems fail. The best way to ensure trouble-free operation and minimize downtime is to identify, recognize and anticipate risks.

To ensure continuity of business, we ask and find the answers to the following questions:

  • Have the critical systems for your business been identified and the system requirements to support your business specified?
  • Are the security processes in order? How do you minimize the damage and normalize the situation as quickly as possible if something goes wrong?
  • Do the choices you have made provide a secure, robust and scalable foundation for your business?

Reliable IT is a must in pharmaceutical distribution

Case Pharmac Finland Oy

A significant number of Finnish pharmacies that offer medicine dose dispensing use Pharmac’s “Oma-annos” dosing service. Through pharmacies, medicine dose delivery service is available to consumers, home care and nursing homes.

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