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This is what we do

Well built, modern IT lives and develops with the company. It is scalable and ready for life cycle changes – it is never complete. However, for us – Customer is key.

IT production, security processes, quality control and maintenance are often pain points and time consuming. Both experts and a growing number of data sources are needed to support decision making. This complexity is ever growing and brings the challenge of speed in taking the decision and action in environments of vast amounts of data. In addition, security calls for ability to respond without delay, thus real-time and total view of security status is more critical than ever. Tough competitive environment means cost management and optimization is a continuous task and an agile product and service development implementation is a must.

Our mission is to deliver IT that supports our customer’s strategy and everyday work. IT that is reliable, of high quality and cost-efficient operation, so that our customer can focus in their own core business. It is all possible with the modular SecOps service model we have developed: it improves the efficiency of IT environment or software development as well as maintenance. The modular concept means that our customer can choose, which parts we will handle and which parts they or a third party will take care of.

The base of the concept is Hybrid Infrastructure services, where servers and network are built and operationally maintained – combined into one intelligent solution. Security & Management and Hybrid Management services protect the core functions of customer’s business and ensure compliance of both security and the IT environment – automatically.

We offer the framework and the environment where the personnel of our customer can easily order and quickly have the resources and services they need (eg. a finance application or server platforms and database services for software development) – while security and cost management are in place from the start. This brings significant efficiency to DevSecOps operations and decreases the need for IT expert work resources.

Our SecOps as a Service solution takes away the common pain points for software developers by giving them all they need as a service: building and managing the IT environment, multicloud orchestration, continuous publishing, network maintenance as well as ensuring and monitoring security. An all-in-one intelligent package, watching their back and freeing their time for the core job.

Customer benefits in a nutshell


  1. Cost efficiency: Thanks to intelligent automation the need of SecOps are fulfilled while the need for experts is lower.
  2. Optimization: The capacity can be utilized at optimal level and service interruptions resulting from peaks in demand can be minimized.
  3. Measurability and analytics: Availability of the view of the performance and costs of IT environment as well as any potential for optimization.
  4. Automated documentation of executed tasks adds to knowledge base.
  5. Resources and services needed for software development are available automatically, allowing the developers to focus in software development and continuous delivery.


This philosophy and concept we deploy in our consulting & development and continuous services. More info on both you can find by clicking below.