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For us, IT is a critical factor in keeping us competitive and even bringing us competitive advantage. By developing our services, we can offer our customers additional services that others do not have.

Sami Heikkilä, Pharmac Finland Oy

Onsite support is an important factor in streamlining work and saving time. If people are afraid to contact IT support or finding it difficult to reach, people will easily turn to their colleagues.

Iina Rantala, Siili Solutions

Siili is deeply involved in strategy, technology, artificial intelligence, software automation, information management, design and expert leasing. I have a vision of how to make the best use of cloud services.

Seppo Takanen, Siili Solutions

A few words about us Nerds

We are a strategic partner for our customers, developing solutions for the future, but also helping in various everyday IT tasks. Customer success and end-user happiness are our joy.

We live by our values.

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