Outsourced IT brings cost efficiency and peace of mind

Case Avaus Marketing Innovations Oy

Initially NerdyNet took control of Avaus internal IT operations and was in charge of on-site support and the office network. Ben Ottoman, IT and Security Manager of Avaus Marketing Innovations Oy is extremely happy with the proactive attitude and customer service of NerdyNet.

– Nerdynet is an exceptional company in the sense that it is willing to do more than is written in the contract. Not every company is willing to go “the extra mile”.

– Outsourcing the local support allowed me to move all the fuzz to Esa from NerdyNet, who knows how to handle technology as well as people. Tasks were taken care of without supervision or telling of what to do. Thanks to Esa’s proactivity I could focus on the core business. Without NerdyNet I would never have been able to take a vacation trip – as that is usually when something happens: someone needs a new laptop or our network is suddenly down, Ben jokes.

Functionality of internal IT is a key factor in employee happiness and good reputation is critical to get the best possible employees. The NerdyNet way to take care of IT outsourcing always includes development of processes and workflows, not just the operative work. Following that, NerdyNet also helped to move all of Avaus IT functions, services and data to the cloud. The task at hand needed precision to make sure that all the data was moved to correct places in a controlled manner. In addition, the systems had several interdependencies which needed to be accounted for.

– Nerdynet also brought in their Microsoft expertise. With this new competence we got the necessary tools and processes for our work, Ben adds.

– Currently we are entirely in the cloud, we no longer have a single on-site server. The power bills of the servers alone were significant, not only did NerdyNet help us save money on the energy bill but also in the total expenses of our network. We moved on to pay-as-you-go -model, we only pay for the capacity we really need. The service production was also flexible and optimized to match our requirements, Ben thanks.

During the cloud migration the focus was especially pointed towards cyber security and user access management. An entire system diagram was also made. NerdyNet was also involved in implementing a group wide project of security certification.

– When someone asks me a tip for a good IT -service partner I always recommend NerdyNet. They are a good example of a service provider that helps their customer to optimize their tasks and workflows, Ben tells us.


Avaus marketing Innovations Oy is specialized in large scale marketing technology solutions such as marketing automation and data management solutions. Avaus help their clients with digital transformation related marketing development and transformation projects, such as rollouts for new technologies and utilizing customer data in marketing processes of client companies. Avaus has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Munich and Gdansk.